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Transport Logistics, Inc. (TLI) and All-freight Pool Distribution Services (APDS) are innovative providers of shipping logistics services for high volume shippers.

TLI and APDS specialize in creating, implementing and refining cost effective logistics solutions for their customers' domestic distribution. TLI and APDS utilize the most sophisticated freight transportation and logistics technologies which enable their customers to increase profitability through improved product control, shipment integrity, reduced shrinkage, timely deliveries, and valuable shipment data.

TLI and APDS serve the needs of a wide range of customers which include large multi-national retail and wholesale distributors with numerous distribution points thoughout the continental United States. The carrier partners in the TLI/APDS carrier infrastructure range from some of the largest national carriers to local independents. TLI and APDS are financially sound and operate their business debt-free. Additionally, they have more industry experience and a broader support team than other companies providing like services. The company's recipe for success includes increasing service innovations, performance benefits with reduced costs, rapid transit times, limited handling, reduced shrinkage and claims.

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Transport Logistics, Inc. (TLI) is a full-service freight logistics provider specializing in all modes of transportation services including pool distribution, truckload,
less-than-truckload (LTL), intermodal, consolidation, warehousing, local cartage, and traffic management.

    Transport Logistics, Inc. is a privately held Texas Corporation founded in 1992 in response to customer needs and distribution trends. TLI began developing successful shipping programs for major retailers in their problem regions of the country. Pool distribution was very often the solution, and TLI began developing a network of pool points across the nation.

    As a non-asset based company (own no transportation equipment), TLI has experienced controlled growth and enjoys a solid financial base. Unlike many "logistics" companies, TLI is not obligated to direct its customers' shipments to its own assets. We are committed only to finding the best possible carrier/shipper combination in utilizing our vast infrastructure of contracted carriers. Instead of investing in trucks and trailers, TLI chose to embrace an investment and expansion strategy centered around cutting edge technology and information systems. We supply our carrier agents with our proprietary systems and the necessary training to become a part of the extensive TLI carrier network.

    Beyond pool distribution, TLI has evolved very naturally into a complete traffic logistics provider. In identifying and evaluating shipper needs, TLI customizes programs for shipping its customers' freight utilizing the most efficient and optimum modes of transportation, whether truck, rail, air, or ocean.

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All-freight Pool Distribution Services (APDS) an affiliate company, was formed in 1996 solely to manage the rapidly expanding pool distribution business.

    A Texas Limited Partnership whose general partner is TLI, APDS specializes in developing, implementing and operating door to door pool distribution programs. Its services expansion also includes inbound consolidation, cross dock operations, and regional distribution. These services are executed through a nationwide distribution network and carrier base infrastructure of carrier agents coast to coast.

    APDS offers its customers the unmatched ability to control their product from origin to shelf with consistency and continuity. APDS pool distribution programs allow its customers to have a uniform distribution plan throughout all major metropolitan regions of the U.S. through one single source solution. In other words, the program in Miami is the same as the one in Los Angeles, New York or Houston. This uniformity the customer enjoys is all controlled through APDS even though various independent carrier agents are used all across the country. APDS' selection and training of the carriers guarantees its customers that their product is handled consistently from region to region and that the product data and reporting will all be uniform. Intra-carrier differences are transparent to the customer who needs only one source and one contact, APDS.

    APDS is the leading specialist in the pool distribution arena. An ever changing shipping environment demands continuous upgrading of programs and systems and technologies. Since APDS is the control hub for its centralized pool programs, flexibility and change are not painful. Response time and transition time are very rapid. When a change is necessary in a national distribution plan to maintain the competitive edge, the customer does not have to go to 50 carriers across the nation and work with each individually. APDS develops the change, implements it into its system, and the APDS infrastructure automatically changes nationwide. When advance technology enhancements become available, APDS is not hesitant, but eager, to make the investment. Again, the no pain upgrade is made universally avoiding major delays from carrier technology response times. For pool distribution there is only one logical answer, APDS.

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Transport Logistics, Inc. and All-Freight Pool Distribution Services provide UNPARALLELED FLEXIBILTY... We adapt our technologies to cater to the individual needs of our clients.


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